The Angel’s Foundation Helps Children in Need Play Sports

Angel Foundation pic

Angel Foundation

Based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, specializes in occupational and preventive medicine. An active member of his Oklahoma City, OK, community, William D. Jones, MD, sponsors a number of local sports organizations, including the Angel’s Foundation.

Dedicated to ensuring all children have the opportunity to participate in sports, the Angel’s Foundation provides financial support to children and families who love playing sports, but are unable to due long-term or temporary hardship. The organization supports its mission over three steps. First, the Angel’s Foundation creates new relationships with individuals and organizations who agree with its passion. From there, the group finds donors willing to support its vision. Finally, the foundation carefully looks at every financial request to evaluate each applicant’s need for a scholarship.

All donations the Angel’s Foundation are tax deductible, and donors fall into one of three categories: Bronze for donations less than $50, Silver for donations between $51 and $1,000, and Gold for donations of $1,000 or more. Funds donated to the Angel’s Foundation go toward supporting families.


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