AMA Adopts New Policies to Address National HIV Epidemic

American Medical Association pic

American Medical Association

A medical doctor based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones MD specializes in occupational and preventive medicine. Since 1988, Oklahoma City, OK-based physician William D. Jones has held membership in the American Medical Association.

The leading national physician organization in the U.S., the American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted new policies that seek to address the HIV epidemic as the result of a vote at its Annual Meeting. At the core of the new policy, the AMA will concentrate more of its fundraising efforts on plans that aim to accomplish such goals as diagnosing individuals who have contracted HIV as early as possible and treating HIV infection to bring about sustained viral suppression.

As an additional step toward suppressing the HIV epidemic in the U.S., the AMA adopted a policy that aims to de-stigmatize HIV infection. Through the policy, the AMA will advocate for the repeal of state laws that criminalize the non-disclosure of HIV status. It seeks to accomplish this in part by creating a new program to educate health care professionals, physicians, and the public on new techniques for reducing the risk of HIV transmission.

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