The Oklahoma City Angels Foundation

A doctor in Oklahoma City, OK for over 25 years, William D. Jones MD specializes in occupational safety. Part of William D. Jones MD’s nonprofit involvement entails sponsoring baseball and softball teams operated by the Angels Foundation.

The Angels Foundation, founded in Oklahoma City in 2015, uses its funds to support local children playing sports or participating in athletic programs. Focusing on children from low-income families and or undergoing hardship in another form, the organization desires to pass on the many benefits of playing sports. Through these experiences, the children who receive the Angels Foundation’s assistance develop social skills and greater community exposure, increasing value as they grow up.

The Angels Foundation accepts donations from individuals and organizations and partners with like-minded businesses to spread awareness of its work. It accepts online donations and ones made during in-person events. Though it accepts donations of any size and funnels all funds toward its mission, its website explains that a minimum of $500 contributions generate benefits most efficiently.

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