Communicating Health Messages Using Puppets

William D. Jones MD is an Oklahoma-based self-employed medical doctor with almost three decades of medical practice experience. He is the treasurer and secretary of the Oklahoma College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. As an occupational and preventive medicine expert, William D. Jones advocates for effective communication of health messages.
Healthcare professionals must communicate health messages to people in the most effective and engaging ways. This way, people can take preventive steps or understand the right medications to seek when indisposed.
One of the most effective ways of communicating health messages is using puppets. This is especially true case for less educated people, children, and those living in rural areas. Puppet shows can explore sensitive topics better than simple drama. Children especially are usually intrigued by puppet shows. They’ll likely watch the entire show and repeat the messages to their families for a long time. Healthcare professionals who wish to use this medium can involve the community in preparing for the show so they can help work the puppets and prepare a suitable story.

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