What Are Respiratory Protective Equipment?

Based in Oklahoma, OK, William D. Jones, MD specializes in general public health and preventive medicine. William D. Jones, MD is also keen on health workers having the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is a type of PPE that protects its wearer from respiratory hazards in the workplace or any other location. RPEs can be divided into two depending on their functions. Some PREs have their source of non-toxic oxygen, which the wearer can use while wearing the PRE. On the other hand, some PREs filter and clean toxic oxygen such that the wearer ends up breathing clean oxygen.

It is ideal to wear RPEs when you work in settings with a lot of vapor, powders, dust, and gases. Similarly, if you frequently use cutters, saws, welding equipment, and grinders, it is advised that you use PPEs.

Before choosing an RPE, a qualified face fit tester should conduct fit-testing to ensure that RPE fits your face correctly. This fit-testing test might be conducted subsequently in instances where the facepiece is changed or significant changes in your facial features.