The 5th Annual Charity Angels Foundation Poker Tournament


William D Jones MD pic

William D Jones MD

A self-employed physician in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones holds an MD from Brown University in Providence, RI. He has operated his private practice since completing his residency training through the University of Oklahoma at Oklahoma City. Outside of the professional environment, William D. Jones, MD, sponsors multiple charitable initiatives including the Angel Foundation at SWAT.

The Angel Foundation at SWAT is supported by all the teams of the SWAT Academy – a baseball and softball facility in Oklahoma City, OK, that is dedicated to helping players reach their full potential in a positive training environment. With the help of SWAT representatives and community members, the Angel Foundation hosts a range of fund-raising events to create sports scholarships for players in need of financial assistance.

One of theses events, the 5th Annual Charity Angels Foundation Poker Tournament, took place on February 9 at the SWAT Academy’s Oklahoma City headquarters. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event went directly to kids who would otherwise be unable to afford to play the game that they love. Participants get the chance to win valuable prizes such trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Branson, Missouri.