Boosting the Immune System Through Diet

Boosting Immunity pic

Boosting Immunity

For more than 20 years, William D. Jones, MD, has cared for patients at his independent practice in Oklahoma City, OK. Focusing on preventive medicine, William D. Jones, MD, is committed to helping patients stay healthy.

Washing one’s hands and covering sneezes are still some of the best ways to prevent colds and flu, but healthful eating can be an important and enjoyable strategy as well. Experts recommend fresh fruits and vegetables as excellent sources of phytochemicals, a type of plant compound prevalent in red, yellow, and dark green produce. Leafy greens also stand out as rich sources of vitamin C, which can shorten the duration of a viral infection. Darker greens and cooked greens tend to have a higher concentration of nutrients.

Foods cooked with garlic and onions offer immune-boosting and antiviral properties as well. Garlic contains the antimicrobial and antibacterial compound allicin, which simultaneously promote healthy digestive processes that help the body to eliminate toxins. The spice turmeric, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, has also proven effective at processing toxins if taken on a daily basis. These flavoring agents can be useful in meals such as soup or chili, both of which also provide the benefits of vitamin-rich vegetables and lean meats for overall health.