Keeping Lawn and Landscaping Looking Great With a Dog


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A graduate of Brown University, William D. Jones, MD, serves as an occupational and preventive medical practitioner at his own medical office in Oklahoma City, OK. Outside of work, William D. Jones, MD, of OK enjoys doing his own lawn work and taking care of his Airedale Terrier puppy, Cooper.

One of the challenges of having a dog is keeping the lawn looking green and beautiful. Fortunately, there are several things owners can do to minimize or prevent lawn and landscape damage. The following are a few examples:

Create a Separate Bathroom Area

Due to the acidic nature of dog urine, grass that is used as a bathroom develops brown spots. While some dog owners find that keeping their dog hydrated and watering spots their dog urinates in reduces damage, the only way to fully prevent damage is to create a separate bathroom area. Dogs can be trained to urinate in this area instead of using the lawn.

Add in Pathways

Dogs naturally patrol the yard and it is better for owners to go along with this instinct instead of fighting it. By adding paths around the yard, dogs are free to walk without damaging the lawn or other landscaping aspects. Ideally, owners should build these paths along established routes and use paw-friendly materials.

Handle a Dog’s Digging

Many dog breeds dig to bury a bone, create a place to cool down, or alleviate boredom. Regardless of the reason, it wreaks havoc on a lawn. Fortunately, owners can handle it in a variety of ways, such as adding boards or chicken wire at the soil line or planting dense greenery near a fence line. Owners can also create a designated digging spot using gravel or sand.