Occupational and Environmental Medicine Explained

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OK College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
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A private-practice physician based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, practices occupational and preventive medicine. William D. Jones, MD, also serves as the secretary and treasurer for the OK College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

At the most basic level, the term “occupational and environmental medicine” refers to the medical specialty that evaluates the ability of employees to perform work. Specialists in the field understand the impact of physical, biological, and social environments on employees, as well as the importance of protecting workers’ health at all times. In addition to determining the arrangements of work based on the health of the employee, occupational and environmental medicine specialists assess the health outcomes of various environmental exposures in the workplace.

The occupational and environmental medicine specialty stresses the importance of prevention, advocating for proper safety training for workers and monitoring workers’ health as they return to full duty. Occupational and environmental medicine specialists often work as clinical physicians, medical directors, and chief medical officers.