Uruguay – A Small Country with World Heritage Sites


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Based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, provides patients with occupational health care and serves as a Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court independent medical examiner. Having studied Spanish in college, William D. Jones, MD, has traveled to several countries throughout South America, including Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay.

A small country located between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay features a number of sights of historic and cultural interest. Colonia del Sacramento sits strategically on the De La Plata River and is the second oldest city in the country. Vital for trade, the city emerged as a commercial force in the 18th century and was contested by Portugal and Spain throughout much of the colonial era. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city offers a unique blend of architectural styles to match its contested history.

Another area with pending World Heritage status is Chamangá, which is situated in the Flores province in the country’s southwest. The region has numerous granite formations that contain more than 40 rock paintings, some of which date back more than 2,000 years. These pictographs provide an essential glimpse of the indigenous cultures that inhabited the country prior to colonization.

Another destination of interest to those exploring Uruguay’s past is Ciudad Vieja, the “old city” district of Montevideo, which features a combination of the traditional and modern.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Explained

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OK College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
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A private-practice physician based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, practices occupational and preventive medicine. William D. Jones, MD, also serves as the secretary and treasurer for the OK College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

At the most basic level, the term “occupational and environmental medicine” refers to the medical specialty that evaluates the ability of employees to perform work. Specialists in the field understand the impact of physical, biological, and social environments on employees, as well as the importance of protecting workers’ health at all times. In addition to determining the arrangements of work based on the health of the employee, occupational and environmental medicine specialists assess the health outcomes of various environmental exposures in the workplace.

The occupational and environmental medicine specialty stresses the importance of prevention, advocating for proper safety training for workers and monitoring workers’ health as they return to full duty. Occupational and environmental medicine specialists often work as clinical physicians, medical directors, and chief medical officers.

SWAT Academy Baseball and Softball Coaches

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SWAT Rebels
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For more than two decades, William D. Jones, MD, has treated patients from his private occupational and preventive medicine practice in Oklahoma City, OK. William D. Jones, MD, serves his community in a number of additional ways. He sponsors several local softball and baseball teams and contributes through his relationship with SWAT Academy.

Popular Attractions in Nepal


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A diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners, William D. Jones, MD, runs an occupational and preventive medicine practice in Oklahoma City, OK. Away from seeing patients at his OK office, William D. Jones, MD, enjoys visiting other countries. He most recently visited Nepal.

Nepal offers a wide variety of attractions, including those detailed below.

– A satisfying stop for travelers interested in viewing Nepal’s wildlife, Chitwan National Park is home to everything from sloth bears and leopards to freshwater dolphins and over 500 types of birds. The park offers different safaris to visitors, often on the backs of elephants, and maintains a few lodges on the grounds.

– One of Nepal’s Royal Cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur enables visitors to experience the ancient beauty of the country. The well-preserved city is home to a number of wood carvings and void of traffic. Additionally, Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square is surrounded by temples and a royal palace.

– Located west of Kathmandu, Pokhara is Nepal’s second-largest city. The air in Pokhara is cleaner than the country’s capital, and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities. The lake is lined with restaurants and shops. Visitors also can bike to the nearby mountains or spend some time on the water.

Irish Setters – Temperament and Personality

As owner of a private medical practice in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, focuses his professional attention on occupational and preventive medicine. In his free time, William D. Jones, MD, serves as show secretary with the Irish Setter Club of OK.

Originally bred as a hunting dog in Ireland, the Irish setter developed with the keen ability to identify and track prey. It stands out as a highly athletic breed and requires vigorous exercise on a daily basis. Exceedingly intelligent and mentally active as well, the Irish setter thrives best with plenty of company and activity to keep it busy. Setters are typically very affectionate dogs and enjoy playing with children, though their enthusiastic greeting style may intimidate shyer visitors.

The mental capacities of the Irish setter also make it highly trainable, though willful in the face of a less-than-confident owner. It will respond to firmness and willful commands, though harshness is likely to have the opposite effect. Setters expect their owners to remain in a position of authority at all times, even on a lead, so it prefers to walk beside or behind the human when leashed. However, setters thrive best when they have the opportunity to run freely in a safe, enclosed area.