The SWAT Academy Angel’s Foundation Helps Kids Play Sports

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SWAT Academy


William D. Jones, MD, treats patients at his private practice in Oklahoma City, OK, with a focus on occupational and preventive medicine. William D. Jones, MD, also helps local children through his sponsorship of several baseball and softball teams, as well as his support of the Angel’s Foundation at the SWAT Academy.

The 20,800-square-foot SWAT Academy is an indoor baseball and softball training facility in Oklahoma City. It features a 10,000-square-foot indoor practice field and ten batting cages. The facility has Iron Mike and Pro Batter automated pitchers, baseball and softball trainers, and a full workout area.

SWAT Academy teams all raise money to support the Angel’s Foundation. SWAT players raise money through hot dog sales, annual poker tournaments, and home run derbies. All of the proceeds from their efforts go directly to the Angel’s Foundation.

The nonprofit foundation funds scholarships for SWAT players who need financial assistance. The Angel’s Foundation believes that financial hardships should not prevent children from playing the sports they love, and it seeks to help by sponsoring children in need.


Tips for New Gym Members

55af68aa_main-image.xxxlarge_2xWilliam D. Jones, MD, is a self-employed physician based in Oklahoma City, OK, where he specializes in occupational and preventive medicine. In his free time, William D. Jones, MD, of OK enjoys working out at the gym.

Purchasing a gym membership can be helpful in motivating you to incorporate regular exercise into your routine. However, to maximize your gym experience, there are some things to learn after you sign up. It can be helpful to determine the gym’s peak times. This is especially pertinent for newcomers who are self-conscious, individuals who enjoy working out when the gym is relatively quiet, and for those who do not have time to wait for a machine.

Beginners should start out simply and slowly. Taking on a too intensive of a workout before you are ready is almost a sure way to burn out on the gym and stop going. Finally, one of the best ways to stick to a gym routine is to find a workout buddy.