About William D Jones MD OK

1428592792_545177_435866526438490_1071050476_nBased in Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. William D. Jones has led a private practice focused on occupational and preventive medicine for nearly two decades. Since 2012, he has been secretary/treasurer with the Oklahoma College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. William D. Jones’ professional activities in OK extend to issues such as workplace safety and general public health. He maintains status as an Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court-appointed independent medical examiner.

Dr. Jones earned his master’s degree in public health at the University of Oklahoma and completed residency training with the university’s Department of Family & Preventive Medicine. Serving as chief resident in 1995, he earned national recognition from the American Medical Association Leadership Program as Outstanding Resident of the Year. Dr. Jones’ past responsibilities include serving as medical director of the Norman Regional Hospital’s Department of Occupational Medicine. He is a sponsor of Cleveland County 4-H Canine Search & Rescue Training Programs and serves as the Irish Setter Club of Oklahoma’s dog-show secretary.

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